Finding Reputable Company Reviews and Information

When searching for any business that you're going to be using regularly, you want to find the best that you can before you pay for the service. This is particularly true if that business deals with mental or physical health. There is always the concern that you'll find one which does not suit your needs, or worse, does not adequately do what you need from it. In order to protect yourself or your family, seeking out good information, finding reviews and accurate complaints about the business will help you to make an informed decision about whether to use the service.

Seeking out good information about a company is your best defense against finding one that doesn't do what they promise. The key is to seek out good information from reputable sites, as opposed to taking reviews and information from sites which are lower in quality and allow a business to pay to remove a bad review.. Some of the sites to which you might browse for business information include sites such as and Google Places.

As an example, if you were seeking out a school to benefit troubled teens in your local area of Alabama, you'd want to be certain that the school which you selected would offer the kind of treatments and counseling that you required. In order to find accurate and up to date information, merchant reviews from companies such as Merchant Circle, Yahoo and Yelp could help you to make that determination.

If you were considering a boarding school such as the Pinnacle School, you'd be well advised to find reviews and business overviews of that school prior to visiting.
Yellow Pages could be a good source of basic information on the business. That search yields up the following or you can find smaller independent sites that carry reviews.

You might also want to seek out local area schools in order to ensure that you're not too far afield.

Additionally, Yelp has proven to be an excellent source of information regarding businesses in nearly every area. A search of Yelp for the Pinnacle Schools or schools for troubled teens offers this result: -

Bear in mind that not every site which offers complaints and reviews is an accurate one. In the life of every business there will be complaints. The question is what did the company do to resolve the complaint. There are a wide range of very reputable sites that offer solid business information. Make sure that you're using one of those as opposed to the new order sites where complaints may be lodged without proof of damage or do not permit responses by the company in question.


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