HVAC Mainence Guide

by: Brian Book

There are several components to your AC system, and each requires regular maintenance.

Indoor Coil and Filters

According to SimplyGood4U(http://www.simplygood4u.com), When cooling takes place, condensation forms on the coil and any dirt that is present can be carried with this condensation into the system's drain pan. Excess buildup can clog the drain and cause an overflow. In addition, the refrigerant flows through the coil so it is very important that the proper air flow is maintained. A dirty filter or coil restrict the air flow in your system and will prevent the proper heat transfer from taking place. As this becomes worse you system becomes less efficient and consumes more electricity to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It also places more of a strain on the compressor and fan motor, which can not only cause failures, but shorten the lifespan of your AC unit.

Condenser Coils

According to Trane, A condenser coil can be found on the outdoor part of the system, and this is where the actual heat transfer is taking place. When the heat transfer is occurring properly it will keep the pressure of the refrigerant down so that the compressor isn't overworked, and your unit is operating as efficiently as possible. This coil lacks the filtering system present for the indoor coil and it is also exposed to the harsh elements, so a regular cleaning is important to keep your unit functioning properly.

Proper Lubrication

As with any machine, it is very important to make sure that any moving parts are well lubricated. Only a trained technician will know which parts of the system need lubricated as a part of routine maintenance, as well as what type of lubricant should be used.

Electrical Connections

Within your AC unit there are various electrical components. Over a period of time and use, the connections may become loose or worn causing a heat buildup. Eventually this will cause your unit to malfunction, and in the worst cases can cause a fire. Everyone knows that if a system is going to fail it will do so in the hottest months of summer or in the coldest months of winter, so it is very important to have a trained service expert check and tighten all electrical connections.


All air Conditioning units contain some type of refrigerant. Having the proper level of refrigerant in the unit is important because levels that are too low or too high may damage the compressor. Having a technician check the refrigerant levels is a very important part of routine maintenance. Refrigerant does not just get used by the machine, so if your unit is low then there is a leak somewhere in the system.


It is imperative to have duct-work that is the correct size for you system and your home. Many problems that occur with heating and air conditioning can be traced back to a problem with the duct system. No matter how good your equipment is, or how efficiently it operates, without the proper duct-work your home will not be heated or cooled to your satisfaction. As time passes, your duct system will shift and settle creating gaps and leaks in the duct-work. Having your duct-work inspected can prevent wasting energy by heating and cooling a crawl space or attic.

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