Using CDR for Data Back-Up in a LEAN Environment

Lean IT, an expansion of lean manufacturing practices to information technology (IT) products and services has been a gaining momentum. According to Lean Frog, at its core is the elimination of waste. One of the things I propose is very wasteful is data back-up techniques and worse, the loss of data.

Do you think you can reliably save your data and expect it to still be safe? Moat IT managers asked this question in a LEAN audit thought they could. AS an example, if you are running a law firm, I do not have to tell you that a lot of the time; you are actually doing other things besides representing clients. You have to worry about organizing and managing your business, which includes the storing of vital legal data. This is best done on secure CDR technology (think blank CDS first). Here are some tips for you to back up your legal data in a successful and effective manner.

You have a lot of important information and client details you need to protect in a law firm, which is why you should think about off-site storage of your data. One good thing about storing this data off-site is the fact that it will be guarded from any disasters like floods, fires, earthquakes and other types of mishaps. If you go with the proper technology, this process will go a whole lot smoother, thereby improving recovering your valuable data in the event that any of the aforementioned disasters do strike.

Scalability is another issue you have to keep in mind. Scalability issues involve the need to have directives on the long-term storage of your data, which is necessary for compliance purposes. Also, you need to give some thought to its eventual removal in the future event that the data becomes obsolete.

Finally, your retention schedule is key in backing up your law firm’s data. To satisfy your legal requirements, you have to decide just how long you want to retain different sorts of data as well as files. Be advised that the backup service you use has to exceed keeping your data for longer than 30 days.


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