Product Naming, Etc.

Naming Names... How to Name your Business, Product or Service
by: Maya Sunpongco

::: Start List :::

• "grill - where ideas sizzle"

• "water cooler"

...sidenote: i thought that's where people really talk openly

• "feedbag - serving up ideas"

• "your market draw"

...sidenote: i don't know how i got here

• "evoke"

...sidenote: now i'm just writing words, synonyms

• "persuade"

...sidenote: this is where the dictionary & thesaurus come in

• "convince"

• "share"

... a few minutes pass by

... a few more minutes pass by

• ""

...sidenote: visual images of pie and cake

...sidenote: slice is a portion of a bigger piece...hmm

• "Share Your Slice On Marketing"

...sidenote: tagline that explains and supports vision

::: End Brainstorming List :::

I like "slice" because you just get quick and small chunks to read... just enough to evoke a thought, to make you think, or to leave you wanting more.

About The Author

With over 100+ websites designed in the past 4 years, Maya Sunpongco of Design Insomnia is your Website Workout Mentor helping small businesses harnesses the “Power of Design to Communicate." For an objective assessment and guidance on your current web project, email and ask about the Website Workout Assessment program.

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