Franchise Business

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? The franchise business may be the answer for you. Can you lead people, market a business, and do you have the energy to start a new business in your area? Maybe you have all of these things but you lack a solid plan or you feel you need some help and support to get a new venture off the ground.

Franchises are probably your answer.

The following articles are designed to help you find the franchise that works for you.

Choosing your Niche

Within the highly competitive UK franchise industry (currently estimated worth £10.6 billion), how do you go about choosing the right franchise to meet your budget and maintain your work / life balance?

The starting point is relatively easy – simply cover the basics of choosing a franchise to refine your choices – mainly, is the franchise ethical and is it a viable endeavour to take on board? However, this still leaves a wide choice of franchises to choose from, ranging greatly in terms of investment, industry, commitment and profitability...

Franchising 101

Franchising has made the world look really small. The well known flavors are now not just restricted to a single town or city but can be enjoyed world wide. Otherwise it would only be a dream for somebody in Asia to wear the fashion of Europe, for the West to have delectable food of the East etc. Globally as well as domestically the system of franchising has something good for everyone. ...

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