Foreign Language Services Lands 5-Year Contract

HUNTSVILLE, AL  February 28, 2012 – Foreign Language Services just secured their third 5-year contract from the Office of the Court Interpreters and Self Service Center of the Superior Court of Arizona, kicking off 15 years as the writers of all Spanish-language translation services coming out of Maricopa County, AZ, home to the state capitol in Phoenix.
The state of Arizona is currently in an innovative process of providing bilingual translations for all of their court documentation related to family services. This new process provides translated court instructions and bilingual forms for the Spanish-speaking user. Maria Boyette, FLS’ Peruvian-born Spanish-language translator is project manager for the Arizona contract. Her fluency in four languages: Spanish, French, German, and English, provides FLS with infinite possibilities with companies worldwide.
“It is important for Spanish-speaking families to be able to understand what is happening throughout the court process if they are going through a divorce, dealing with child custody laws, guardianship and probate proceedings, powers of attorney, or any other family-related legal problems that land them in court,” says FLS president and founder, Caroline Myers. “The reason we are able to do such a good job for the Arizona Superior Court system is because our innovative translation software has been memorizing every document we have translated over the past ten years, streamlining the workflow so as to provide the most accurate translation possible.”
Ten years ago, FLS began implementing SDL Trados translation software at a time when few other companies were doing so. Today, as older documents are updated or revised, FLS does not have to reinvent every translation, but can quickly and accurately pull new documents together based on older documents saved in the software’s memory. The process works for every industry – the longer FLS maintains a client’s documents, the more the build-in memorization of those documents help simplify the translation process. “It was a business decision FLS made early on to set us apart from other translation companies and it has really paid off, as shown in winning this new contract with the state of Arizona,” Myers says.


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